Middleburg Orange Pony Club and Middleburg Horse Trials

Upcoming Testings

We're surveying now to find out what plans are for certificate testing in 2015.  Please fill out the form 2015 MOCPC Certificate Testing Form.

Please use this form to submit your request for certificate testing at the club level. This will help in securing an examiner, a firm date & location. It is best to have at least 2 or more members testing at the same time/same level(s). All new members must test for the D1 level.  After submitting this survey, you will receive the test form for the level selected in this survey. And we will schedule a few certification preps before the actual test date. These sessions will help ensure our member's certification success.   National Testing at the HB, C3 and above applications are required at least 12 weeks in advance of the testing and must be submitted through the DC to the RS for approval before being submitted to USPC. 
Questions about National Testing- contact Debra Stehly at DLStehly@gmail.com or go the the USPC website:  National Level Testing

MOCPC Certificates

MOCPC typically holds Club-Level (D1-C2) certifications up to four (4) times a year (March/April, June/July, Aug/Sep and Oct/Nov), or more, as needed.  In 2010, USPC implemented an Alternate Ratings Progression (ARP) in addition to the Classic or Traditional certification.  The ARP allows members to test the HM, Flat and Jumping sections of a level, in that order, as separate tests or combined.  If all three sections are passed then the clubber will have achieved the Classic or Traditional certificate at that level.  Upper Level Certifications (C3 and up) are tested at the National Level and require application through the Virginia Region for testing.