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Entry Form ONLINE Payment for August 5, 2012 CT

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Rider Status

This helps us with placing entrants into a division and designation for special awards. Check all that apply.
Eligibility limited to horse and/or rider not having shown at a level above the level being entered.

Junior  (18 & Under)


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Horse Info

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You can upload your coggins at the end or mail or email it separately.

Combined Test Divisions

Level Not
Entry Fee $60
PC Entry Fee $50

Baby Novice

Beginner Novice




Eligibility for CT Divisions (check one or both if you are eligible)

Horse  Rider

Dressage Schooling Rounds:

$30 each. (Second of any duplicate tests to be ridden HC). Dressage only tests ridden instead of CT, or in addition to CT dressage if CT division is selected.

Level None One Test at This Level Two Tests at This Level
(USEF 2011 Introductory Test B):

Beginner Novice:
(USEF 2010 Beginner Novice Test B):

(USEF 2010 Novice Test B):

(USEF 2010 Training Test B):

(USEF 2010 Prelimary Test B):

Stadium Jumping Schooling Rounds

$20 each round, unjudged only. ("Two Rounds" means you will do 2 rounds at that level)

NOTE:  If competing in CT, then jumping schooling rounds to be at CT level or higher



One Round

Two Rounds

Baby Novice (2'0" max)

Beginner Novice (2'6" max)

Novice (2'11" max)

Training (3'3" max)

Prelimary (3'7" max)


Electronic Signature:

I understand that this is a high risk sport and I am participating at my own risk. I hereby assume this risk and further hereby release and hold harmless Middleburg Orange County Pony Club, its officers, members, volunteers, show committee members and volunteers, and judges, as well as the owners, leasers and/or managers of Glenwood Park from all liability for negligence resulting in accident, damage, injury, or illness to myself and to my property, including the horse or horses which I will be participating with at this event.

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